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All Inclusive Services

Customized Billing Profile

  • Creating a Billing Profile Tailored to Your Community's Requirements: Soft Billing versus Hard Billing

  • Suggested charging rates determined by yearly reimbursement rates from Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial payers.

Billing Process

  • Code EMS calls daily
  • VPN connect into Hospital Database for Facesheet information
  • Verify insurance information
  • Update demographic
  • Submit  claim electronically to payors within 24 hours

Collection Process

  • Payments Posted daily
  • Secondary insurance billed immediately after primary 
  • Patient statement created for co-pays due from consumer
  • Payors will be contacted if payment is not received within a timely fashion

Services Included

  • Monthly and Yearly Report Package
  • Customized Reports
  • Attorney Request
  • Postage Fees
  • Clearinghouse Charges
  • Facilities Agreement Templates
  • Onsite Training
  • Credentialing Package
  • Electronic Funds Setup and Management
  • Credit Card Processing Management
  • Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection System Assistance

Short Term Contract Billing

By hiring Ohio Billing, Inc. as your contracted billing service, this will allow your company to:

  • Stay up to date with your current call volume
  • Generate revenue recovery more quickly
  • Operate and complete EMS billing, without hiring more full-time staff
    • No hardware, software, communication, maintenance, or training costs
    • No dedicated personnel costs (wages, vacation, insurance, illness, etc.)
    • No additional supply cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a benefit to outsourcing your billing?

Consider the financial cost to handing your billing in-house: employee wages, vacation/sick leave, benefits, hiring and training.  Other costs include the billing software, clearinghouse, phone system for consumers, patient statements.

How much does Ohio Billing charge their clients?

Each client is setup slightly different. Depending on your community, there is a flat fee or a percentage of revenue collected.

How long does it take get started with Ohio Billing?

As long as the client is willing to work diligently to complete all setup information, it can be done in as quick as 14 days. On an average, it will take about 30-45 days.

How often are claims processed?

Claims are coded and billed daily. Ohio Billing is currently on same day turnaround but always within 24 hours of being received. 

Does Ohio Billing require a specific EPCR Software?

Our billing software allows for a variety of EPCR software imports. We do testing to ensure claims are compatible with our billing software. 

We have not come across any software we are not compatible with. 

Does Ohio Billing offer customized reporting?

Yes, we know that each community and each client needs reports setup differently. Therefore, when you onboard with us, we go through different reports that you may need.

At any time, you are able to call us for additional reporting. 

Does Ohio Billing conduct any internal audit?

Yes. Annually, Ohio Billing hires an independent auditing firm to conduct a SOC1 (Service Organization Control 1) to ensure our internal controls for compliance. 

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