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Soley Focused EMS and Fire Related Billing Service

Dedicated Service for Those Dedicated to Serving

Why Hire Ohio Billing?

Tailored Services

Our services, from resident tracking to fiscal reporting, are meticulously crafted with our clients in mind, ensuring personalized solutions tailored to your needs.


Robust check and balance systems are fundamental in upholding our accountability. Any deviations are promptly recognized, prompting remedial actions to rectify and improve identified areas.

SOC 1 Type II Audit Compliant

Over the past 15 years, Ohio Billing has successfully undergone the SOC 1 Audit, previously known as the SAS 70 audit. We take great pride in maintaining an unblemished track record on our audits.

Increased Efficiency

Ohio Billing has an outstanding 83% first-pass payment rate, which is a testament to our exceptional performance. In 2023, only 7% of the 40,000 claims that we billed were denied. We have a team of dedicated professionals who ensure that your claims are processed accurately and efficiently on the first attempt. You can trust Ohio Billing to handle your payment processing needs with the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

Industry Professional Relationships

Establishing professional relationships within the industry is crucial for success. Ohio Billing has maintained a positive relationship with the American Ambulance Association, Ohio Township Association, the State of Ohio EMS, and Ohio's elected officials.


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